Good Minerals

Sierra comes from natural sources that contain lots of minerals. Such as Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium, Selenium, and Sodium. Which is very good for the body if consumed regularly.

BPA Free

We ensure that all Sierra product packaging plastic is BPA (Bisphenol-A) Free which is safe for the body. By making plastic packaging that is BPA Free, Sierra’s water quality will be free from contamination from dangerous substances

Modern Technology

Sierra also provides drinking water that is fresher and definitely more hygienic because it uses modern technology. Starting from Ultrafiltration, Reverse Osmosis, Mineral Mixing, Ozonisation, Ultraviolet, and Latest Technology Packaging.


Various Types of Products that We Have

Sierra Classic Bottle 600ml
Sierra Classic Bottle 1500ml
During a day, the body needs around 2 liters of mineral water. Sierra Classic Bottle 1500ml is here to provide mineral water every day. With a hanger that makes it easy to carry, Sierra is always ready to fulfill your friends' activities.
Sierra Classic Bottle 600ml
Sierra Signature 350ml
The need for mineral water to increase in class, with premium and beautiful bottles. This is a legacy of the city of Bandung for the Indonesian people.
Sierra Classic Bottle 600ml
Sierra Classic Bottle 600ml
With a classic diamond shape at the bottom of the bottle, it makes the product look fresher. Because Fresh Minerals are in the Sierra. Sierra Classic This bottle is very suitable as a complement to food dishes.
Sierra Classic Bottle 600ml
Sierra Compact 220ml
Sierra Compact with a size of 220 ml which is very easy to carry and definitely more practical. Packaged using shrink wrap, Sierra is always ready to accompany your friends' activities wherever and whenever!
Sierra Classic Bottle 600ml
Sierra Classic Cup 220ml
Classic cup shape with clear packaging that makes Mineral Freshness clearly visible in Sierra products.
Sierra Classic Bottle 600ml
Galon Eco-Friendly Sierra 19L
By using recyclable materials, this is proof that Sierra products are environmentally friendly.

Contact Us

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