Derived from Natural Sources for Friends of Sierra

About Our Product

Sierra is produced in fresh mineral springs that are always ready to accompany your activities. Sierra is made in West Java Province and here is our tagline.

By using natural mineral resources from the mountains and protecting them from pollution, Sierra brings fresh minerals directly to Friends for consumption

Sierra is always ready to be a friend in every activity. With natural mineral content and various product sizes, Sierra is the right choice to maintain hydration at every step of your journey.

Sierra as a representation of the beauty and natural richness of the city of Bandung. Produced with the determination to maintain authenticity and natural quality, we hope that Indonesian people can experience the authentic taste and charm of the city of Bandung and its environment.


Bandung Juara bersama Sierra

Event ini diselenggarakan di Balai Kota pada Selasa (07/07/2023) dimana pak Gubernur dan rengrengannya speech talk..

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