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Private Label at Sierra will get 2 of our superior products, namely Sierra Classic 600ml & Sierra Signature 350ml so you can customize your product. Come collaborate with us!

Why Should Us?

Label design according to your wishes

Indonesian Delivery

Small Minimum Order Amount

Steps of

Private Labelling

To create a private label, the following 4 steps are required.

Terms and Conditions

The following are the Terms & Conditions that apply to doing a Private Label with Sierra

Conditions & Terms

1. Minimum Order

To place a Private Label order, the minimum amount is 1,680 bottles or 70 cartons.

2. Bottle Size

The bottle sizes available for Private Label at this time are only 350ml & 600ml.

3. Dimensions

a. For 350ml packaging label the dimensions are 102 mm x 40 mm
b. For 600ml packaging label the dimensions are 212 mm x 47 mm

4. File Format

Designs should be sent in AI, CorelDraw, & Photoshop formats.

5. Color

Bottle cap colors can be customized depending on stock availability.

6. Sales Rules

Products that have been Private Labeled cannot be resold in kiosks, agencies, mini markets, stores, or similar establishments.

Trust Us!

Let us create a dream design for your company’s mineral water needs from start to finish! We have designed, filled, packaged and distributed several company brands during our operations.

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